Miguel Pawlowski

I am an Interaction Designer experienced in conceptualizing solutions, shipping, and maintaining products.

My expertise is to make complexity accessible through abstracted visualizations. Since 2018 I mainly work on digital B2B products that help people to understand interconnected complexity in their domain. In my day to day work, I broaden and deepen my experience as team lead, tactical product owner, and product designer.

Selected Work

Geospatial Experiences

For over two years, I lead the design of a geospatial web-tool in the B2B sector. In this article, I am highlighting three basics of geospatial tools.



With swarmOS, I build my first add-on suite on a larger scale. swarmOS is an integrated suite in Atlassian that enables agile teams. It analyzes and visualizes project-related data to plan capacities and costs and makes you aware of potential risks.


Reimagined bike-sharing

I initiated and led a research side project at MING Labs Shanghai. The goal was to understand better people's daily struggles and thoughts on the boom of bike-sharing in the heart of Shanghai.
The outcome is a publication that scratches on the research's surface with a combination of speculative interfaces integrated into daily used technology.


Redesigning an expert system

My bachelor thesis 'Hint' examines the workplace of a dispatcher. With a large focus on research, our goal was to design a more manageable interface in the landscape of everyday rail operations.