Cilantro is a generic all in one service solution. It consists out of three interconnected cross device interfaces which provide the functionality to manage an online F&B business.

My main resposibility lied on the UX and UI of the Order Management and Web Store.



Ordering food and beverages online got very omnipresent for many people around the world. With quite a myriad of product services, restaurants are able to manage staff, products or a web store.
The Singapore based startup Cilantro saw the opportunity to build an all-in-one service solution.


The F&B business is fast and one has to be flexible. Restaurants have to deal with special wishes from customers, impeded employees, sold out products, managing orders and much more.
The challenge here was to build a generic service which is flexible and allows at the same time a creation of individuality and identity.

After a first MVP release in 2016, Cilantro collected user feedback over a couple of months. In 2017 we then ideated on these findings.

The Menu Management is the backend part and therefore the core component of our product solution.

Restaurant staff are able to manage their products, kitchen employees and couriers, different outlets and build a branded web store.


For the outlet staff we desgined the Order Managent — a responsive web based tool to directly manage incoming orders, forward them to the kitchen staff and send them out with the couriers.

Based on our field research we designed a responsive web based tool with the focus on tablets. Tablets allow in these specific situations faster interaction and therefore enable better usability.


The end-customer facing mobile responsive web store enables restaurants to sell their products.

The web store is customizable in its functionalities and visual appearance. Restaurants are able to sell products and menus with possible modifiers or offer promotions. With the Menu Management, they can easily adjust colors, images, logo and layouts based on their preferences and brand identity.


Our process was based on quick iterations - sharing ideas as small sketches or prototypes was part of everyday alignments.


We worked on an in deep analysis of competitors where we learned a lot about what works for restaurants and where the potential is to think further.
In a field research we talked with restaurant managers and kitchen staff, observed workflows and tried to get a feeling what it means to work in an on demand service. Furthermore the team from Cilantro gave us continuously input from their expertise in the F&B business.


As our team had to communicate over three countries and two continents we needed a clean workflow and structure - especially in our files. If you are curious how we worked in detail to keep Sketch files clean, have a look at the article from Christian Behrens about 'Workplace hygiene in Sketch'.


Cilantro launched in 2017 in Singapore, Hong Kong and Berlin.

Reflection & Learnings

Being involved in this project already as an intern and getting first hand user feedback taught me how to reflect my own work. I furthermore learned from the challenges of designing for a cross device and multi-platform product.
Cilantro was not the first and also not the last startup I had the chance to work for and with. However it was an interesting project to learn about the startup culture, dealing with time zones and short time.


  • 2016: Support UX and UI team (Intern)
  • 2017: UX and UI of the Order Management and Web Store (partly)

  • Team – MING Labs

    Christian Behrens: Project & UX Design Lead

    Klaus R. Zimmermann: UX Design

    Renee Shen: UX Design

    Sergey Skip: Branding

    Martin Balfanz: Development Lead

    Piotr Zwolinski: Frontend Development


    MING Labs – Mar to May '17