The suite of swarmOS add-ons visualizes and analyzes project data to enable the right understanding of your project.

I worked on the holistic concept of the swarmOS suite and the integration into Atlassian's Jira. At a later stage I was responsible for the UX and UI design of the swarmOS Foundation & Cockpit.



Project management tools have a huge variety of complexity.
swarmOS saw the huge potential to develop add-ons which visualize in a simple way the deep data behind a single project.


On of the big challenges was to design an add-on suite for different stakholders within an existing and at that time changing ecosystem (

The swarmOS Foundation supports project managers in setting up a project in short time.

It furthermore enables features within team and capacity management. This means you have the possibility to assign roles and permissions and set up team surveys.


With the swarmOS cockpit users, especially in the C-level but also project managers, have the possibility to track every project based on a variety of KPIs.

These are focused on escalations, capacity, costs, changes in the scope or results from the surveys which you created in the swarmOS foundation.


The swarmOS Analyzer visualizes in a force-directed graph all kinds of data within your project.

Users are able to see connections between team members and Jira issues (e.g. tasks, epics, bugs, …) to directly understand what relies on each other.
The swarmOS Analyzer was designed and developed by Christian Behrens.


Atlassian Summit 2017

The swarmOS add-on suite was presented on the Atlassian Summit 2017 in the US. It is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace.


Designing a concept, the UX and UI design for an add-on suite taught me a lot about system thinking and designing on top of existing frameworks. As Atlassian was at the same time about to publish their new design direction, it was even more tough to fully understand what the constraints for upcoming add-ons would be.


  • Concept design of the swarmOS suite
  • UX and UI design for the swarmOS Foundation & Cockpit

  • Team – MING Labs

    Pascal Mijic: Design Lead

    Christian Behrens: swarmOS Analyzer

    Stefan Georg: Development Lead

    Maik Joosten: Frontend Development


    MING Labs – May to Aug '17