The Yi dashcam app is a two weeks app concept where it was crucial to find the right balance between functionality features and community engagements. The concept and art-direction was further developed and released.

During the first days I was focused on the overall concept. At a later stage I took a major role for the interaction and animation design.


Dropping Clips

With the help of sensors the dashcam system recognizes irregularities like fast stops or crashes. It will then automatically create and save a clip around the incident.

It is also possible to manually save drop a clip in cases like e.g. sharing a traffic jam situation.

Locked App

To regulate the usage of the app crucial situations will be recognized automatically.

To further prevent the usage of the app, it has a lock-mode above 50km/h.



Through the community feature you can check what is happening around you.

Any traffic jam? How heavy is it?... You can then furthermore let friends be live with you.

Further Development

The app concept including art-direction was further developed and is now available on the App Store. Or find out more on the website.


  • Concept design
  • Interaction design

  • Team – MING Labs

    Pierrick Calvez: Art Director & Lead

    Renee Shen: UX Design


    MING Labs – Nov '15