Archive: 2014-17


Cilantro is an all in one service solution to manage an online F&B business. The three interconnected cross-device solution has a special place in my professional career. I first joined the team as a Design Intern, where I mainly focused on the connected products' user experience. A year later, I could refine parts of the interfaces based on on-field research as a UX Designer.

Let me hear your product

Florian Ludwig and I explored how audio could be used as a passive feedback indication when up- or downloading larger files in the background.

Yi dashcam app concept

The Yi dashcam app is a two-week app concept for the YI Smart Dash Camera. The concept has been focused primarily on the Chinese market.
A dashcam is not necessarily a device where much engagement happens. Due to safety issues, it also shouldn't. Therefore, one of the key challenges was finding the right balance between functionality and features that enable engagement with the app.


Yeyu is a social sports app that was first launched in Shanghai. It allows people to find and socialize with like-minded amateur athletes quickly. Together with Frank Jiang, I have been responsible for the UX and Visual Design of Yeyu. By now, the app has evolved — however, parts of the visual language are still existing.


Zen-Mode is a concept for a product that helps you improve your work environment.


SWARM is a leap-motion controlled game in which one has to control a fireflies' swarm through a cave. Besides getting challenged by navigating through the level, one can also collect 'sound spots' that activate different soundtracks.